• "I am a student of Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and Oprah, but when I took Sylvia's program years ago, she gave me the skills these stars are talking about today. Skills that helped me reach my goals in all areas of my life and not just in weight control."
    – Dorothy Moran
    Baltimore, MD
  • "Sylvia's Living Thin is a brilliant compilation of the latest thinking in weight loss research and mental health. It's a no nonsense, down to earth program that does a lot more than ensure weight loss. It teaches emotional health and overall preventive medicine."
    – Dr. Jack Osman, Ph.D.
    Professor of Health Science, Towson University; author of Thin from Within and Fat, Fat, Fat
  • "I am 77, feeling great and it all began with taking Sylvia Goldman's Living Thin program when I was 35. At that point I weighed 250 pounds, was depressed and feeling rotten about myself. This program not only helped me lose weight, but gave me the information and skills to do much more than lose the weight. I learned how to discipline myself in all areas of my life that controlled my weight: nutrition, exercise and especially emotional control. Living Thin is not a diet. It is a total lifestyle...a way of living program!"
    – Bill Pittler
    Business Executive, Lutherville, MD & Palm Beach, FL
  • Met this amazing woman, Sylvia, who I just adore and has given me all kinds of help. My husband has Alzheimer's and my stress level was up to here. In this class I have learned how to somewhat handle the stress.
    – Susan Lauren Davidson
    Recent graduate of the Living This and Stress Free course
  • "Sylvia Goldman trained under Dr. Ellis and me to learn the principles of rational living skills. I have been a mentor for her Living Thin program, and I want others to know how much I value her work. She was a pioneer when she insisted "diets don't work." And that only a lifestyle change will result in enduring success."
    – Dr. Norma Hauserman Campbell
    Clinical Psychologist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy
  • "I have talked and worked with Sylvia Goldman and listened to her main presentations of the theory and practice of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT). In the course of investigating the REBT aspects of her Living Thin seminars, I have found that she understands REBT very well, is an excellent teacher of it, uses it effectively with people who have emotional issues about maintaining their weight loss, and helps them in other ways. Although Sylvia makes no pretense of being a psychotherapist, her seminars, workshops, and follow up sessions can be of great value to many people who have problems of overeating."
    – Albert Ellis, Ph.D.
    Based on a 1982 professional survey of U.S. and Canadian psychologists, he was considered as the second most influential psychotherapist in history (Carl Rogers ranked first in the survey; Sigmund Freud was ranked third.)


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